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January 27, 2010

Wilderness First Aid Course Dates Winter/Spring 2010


Wilderness First Aid training is worth every dollar.  This year, skip the new backpack and spend that money on this course!

Not only could Wilderness First Aid training save your butt when things go wrong, it will give you the self-assurance to travel farther and better enjoy the backcountry. 

I've taken both of these courses from Blair Doyle. Most recently, in November, I took his Wilderness First Responder Course. I learnt so much and I think you will too.

Plus I have my own agenda for pushing these courses... I want more trained people in the woods so that someday when I bang myself up, there are people around who can help  :)

If you work with people outdoors or spend serious amounts of time in the woods or on the water you should check out the dates for the 8-day Wilderness First Responder courses. There's even one coming to New Brunswick in May.

For more information see below or go to the website.

Red Cross Wilderness Remote First Aid
 - offering wilderness reality checks 1996 -

 Wilderness and Remote First Aid
 Public offerings Winter / Spring 2010:
                                               Feb. 12, 13, 14. 2010

                                               Mar. 12, 13, 14, 2010

                                               Apr. 9, 10, 11, 2010

Cost:   WRFA: $195.00 + HST
       Advanced WRFA - $250 + HST - optional - consists of extra day / evening added on to the above dates

Where:  Halifax Regional Search and Rescue Base
               Lakeview, N.S.(off Cobequid Rd. in Sackville, N.S.)

Contact to register and get course particulars:

Blair Doyle  (902) 222-0868 - Email: adventure@eastlink.ca

or online at: www.WRFA.ca where you can check out additional dates and courses or focused sessions.

Completion of the course will give you an Wilderness Remote First Aid certification and Standard First Aid certification - CPR level C recognized in the workplace in N.S. WRFA exceeds the Standard F.A. workplace requirement. Internationally Red Cross is in 181 countries. With alot of outdoor employers WRFA is a job requirement.

Wilderness Remote First Responder

February  - Acadia University, Wolfville, NS
May - Camp Glenburn, Saint John Area, NB *** Sign Up NBer's!!

Cost:   $550.00 + HST

More details here: http://www.wrfa.ca/WRFResponder.html

This 8 day advanced program is the most complete and challenging wilderness medical training you can engage in. The WRFR level is designed for Outdoor Professionals who will be managing wilderness activities resulting in advanced medical response. Besides understanding the use of medical gear in the wilderness environment, the program establishes solid rescue interface practices, pharmacology limitations, and students will manage a remote overnight long-term care dilemma.

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