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November 16, 2009

Wilderness First Responder Course

I just got back from an 8 day Wilderness First Responder Course in Halifax. A little tired and a little paranoid but more than anything craving backcountry adventure. This was my second excellent wilderness first aid course with Blair Doyle. Dave Poitras, a ski patroller and paramedic living in Newfoundland helped him out with this one. Together they ran us through realistic wilderness scenarios that taught us to keep a cool head and figure it out.

If you spend time in the backcountry or take groups into the woods I'd highly recommend a Wilderness First Aid course. First aid in remote environments is different from standard first aid in an urban setting. The difference is in how you can safely manage yourself and the situation and care for someone who is injured. The difference is about decision-making. Not only could Wilderness First Aid training save your butt when things go wrong, it will give you the self-assurance to travel farther and better enjoy the backcountry.

Check Out Blair Doyle's Courses -

Here are a few more photos from the course.

Group shot with our hypothermia patient all wrapped up

Moving a spinal patient on a backboard

A burn victim on our overnight scenario

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