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January 8, 2010

A venue for one another in 2010: Outdoors - By Vernon Woolsley


So I'm just playing editor on this one. The story comes from my friend Vernon Woolsley. When I heard about Vernon's New Year's Eve experience, I knew I had to get his story on here. What a wonderful way to start the new year. There's nothing better than a winter getaway in the wilderness. Enjoy.


A venue for one another in 2010: Outdoors

Three couples sharing a getaway far inland from where the forest meets the Bay is a pretty remarkable NYE scenario.

Our assemblage trekked from the Village of Alma on the Bay of Fundy to a riverside cabin on skis. And when the Gregorian calendar rounded the bend, we found ourselves under a blue moon perched atop an ice flow on the river rocks. Gorgeous.

Lit by the moon, the gorge walls opposite the river told us of the descent from the highland we’d just made; careening down forested fingers of land to the river delta where we would overnight. It was in this river bend I’d swam with the Salmon 20 years ago, when the species at risk wasn’t nearing receiving additional river buffer protection. We may not get away with igniting sparklers here in 2011.

We’re 8km from where we began our adventure. The landscape is sweet to the senses, a rewarding place to meet following the journey. We skied from a point up gradient in Alma that made for more of a coast on the way in, while the consumables like large pots of hot food remained full – or untouched back at the starting point. Being risk takers, my partner skied on unproven hand made bindings, and I towed a hand made pulk (towed sled) into serious remoteness. We’d brought savory dishes and libations a plenty, but it was the conversation and sense of place that was most stimulating. It’s the kind of scene where you could really enjoy getting storm stayed!

The turnaround days that are the holidays demand this kind of outing. Still now, a week later, I’m benefiting from the coincidence of energies during the experience. Had we hit up a social club, our bodies would be sore and marked in less character building ways. And we’d be talking about how many numbers 2010 can be divided by. Interestingly enough, our year of the lord is divisible by 6 (the number of people in our group), and by 3 (the number of couples), not to mention 10, 5, 2, and of course 1. 

Clearly things bode well for us this year!

Right. May 2010 bring plenty of kick and glide, and a thriving outdoor ethic!

Vernon Woolsey
Alma, NB 

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Anonymous said...

Vernon has built some trails in our region using sustainable practices. He's a very good resource for knowledge and an asset to nature lovers here.