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January 25, 2010

Albuquerque, Oakland, Calgary?

Last week I added this application to my blog that shows where readers are located on a world map. You can see it part way down this page on the right hand side. When I added it I was thinking that it would be interesting to see where readers are from in New Brunswick. Well some certainly are from this province but what's grabbed my attention were the readers from Albuquerque, Oakland, Calgary, and Bermuda among other places. I'm not a technowiz and a I don't understand how the mapping program works though I assume its based on computer IP addresses. That's the extent of my knowledge. But the map must be somewhat accurate because there are points in Shediac, Harvey, Kedgwick, and Saint John, as well as other Canadian cities. Perhaps if any of you understand how this mapping program works you can fill me in with the details.

Now this map of readers has given me lots to think about. Why would someone from 1000's of miles away be interested in this blog about doing stuff outdoors in Southern New Brunswick?

Well I've got a hunch that it's not just any ol' person from Albuquerque or Toronto reading this blog. And, although this blog may seem to be made for locals, when I started it over a year ago, part of me was doing it for the person in Calgary and Toronto.

Because I think the truth is that these readers in Albuquerque and Oakland are actually New Brunswickers far from home. Or at least they've got family roots here.

Why do I say this? Cause if I was in one of those places I'd be doing the same thing. Whenever I've been away for long periods of time I've missed this place. And during those times I went online and searched for exciting outdoors stuff to do when I got home to New Brunswick. If you look hard enough you'll find some things online; there is information out there scattered around dozens of websites. Unfortunately a lot is missing and no where online can you get a good image of what this region has to offer. So this blog is my small contribution to the online pool of information for the homesick. I hope it helps remind you of home and I hope it gives you the urge to come do some exploring here.

And so to all the folks who are pining for New Brunswick, whether you're in Toronto dreaming of your ultimate paddling trip or listening to the hum of a ski lift in Colorado, I say "Good luck in your journey and when you're ready to come to NB; your enthusiasm and outdoor experience will be put to good use, creating backcountry ski runs and portage routes that we all wish were already here".

You can always leave me a note or send me an email if you'd like to comment on the blog or to ask me about anything outdoors related in southern New Brunswick.

I'll leave you with a couple photos that I took along the Fundy Footpath last summer. 

Encountering a Cloud Forest on the Fundy Footpath

A waterfall drops into the Little Salmon River Gorge
after a summer thunderstorm
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