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June 18, 2010

Riding the Corn Hill Countryside

Speeding past green fields on empty roads.

Last night three friends and I went for 18 km bike ride on the rolling country roads around Corn Hill. We packed a picnic and headed west on Route 890, swinging back east on the Buckley Settlement Road to climb up Anagance Ridge. We stopped for our light supper at the edge of a cattle pasture overlooking Corn Hill. We finished our loop along the Country View Road where we enjoyed wide views, to the east and west, as we sped on the smooth pavement at top speed. We moseyed back to the house, riding side by side on the empty roads, enjoy the last of the sunlight on this warm summer night. 

On the Elliot Road.

Riding side by side on empty roads.
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Anonymous said...

My kind of bike riding! Too bad I live so darn far away.....Boo

graham said...

Well luckily you're coming in August. Gord's bringing his bike...you should bring yours too!