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June 15, 2010

Bicycling in Corn Hill

Just got back from a great evening ride around Corn Hill. The sun was starting to set as I left the driveway with my Dad. We headed around block, as its known, and had only 2 cars pass us the whole time. A rainstorm in the afternoon had left the land laden with moisture and as it began to cool pockets of mist formed in sheltered corners. 

There always seem to be something interesting happening with the weather around here. The summer clouds are remarkably dynamic in Corn Hill creating powerful sunset over the open hills and in the early morning light you’ll find fog lying in the valley floors after a warm summer night.

If you're interested in cycling in Corn Hill check out the Corn Hill Bicycle Festival - 


 Riding by green fields

Sunset over the Baseline Road
Looking over the gap at White’s Mountain

Pockets of mist in the forest
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