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August 5, 2009

Back from the Trek!

Woooueee! What a week! Just a quick update for now... I am back from the Fundy Trek, back from the wilderness. This birthday challenge was just what I was looking for. Seven days of hiking in the Fundy Highlands strained my mental determination and battered my body . But all for the better! I saw swaggering forests, mind tingling landscapes and felt lots of pain in my knees!

I want to thank Ross Curtner for hiking the Riverview to Alma section with me. His positive attitude and determination kept me going through many painful miles and set the tone for the rest of the hike! My Parents, Joe and Jane, for providing much needed transportation on either end of the hike and a gear re-supply in Alma. Janelle and Lindsay, two compassionate women I met from Calgary, who I spent two days hobbling behind on my way to the Fundy Footpath. Cory Clark for the keys to his car that was waiting for me at the Big Salmon River.

After I distill the events of last week and slowly get back into the swing of my life in the city I will hopefully find the time to post stories from the trip.

Here are a few photos from the trek that for me capture its highlights. The highlights were the visual surprises created by the shifting light or the tumbling of rapids and the richness that hard work and wilderness imparts to the people I was with and the food I ate.

Day 2, Dried Pepperoni Extravagance for lunch at Laverty Falls

Day 2, Ross at one of the many crossing on the Upper Salmon River Trail.

Day 4, Tweedle Dum Tweedle Dee Falls on Brandy Brook

Day 6, My side hike into the Wild Country of Lil' Sal

Day 7, the final day, crunchy walking on Seely Beach


Peter said...

Great job finishing your trek. That's a lot of miles and something I'd have to work up to. Now get some climbing in!

Wandering Whalen said...

Hey great effort. Glad to see you loved that joyous pain only time in the wilderness can bring.