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July 24, 2009

BDay Challenge: Soggy Trails Here We Come!

Tomorrow morning Ross and I will be hitting the Dobson trail after a humongous breakfast. Starting in Riverview we will proceed to walk, and walk, and keep walking past Hayward Pinnacle, likely stopping to camp by water source near the Kent Road. The next day after a breakfast of banock we will proceed to hike the final 25 km to the Coast through Fundy National Park, meeting up with my parents, and hopefully tacking on a extra 10 km to Pointe Wolfe. The whole deal to Pt. Wolfe is about 85 km.

I'll carry on from Point Wolfe solo. Stopping for a day in Walton Glen Canyon ( I can't wait!) and finishing at St. Martins (sort of...actually Big Salmon) on Thursday or Friday.

Ross and I are packing light for the Dobson. We're both really excited to cover this much ground and see how walking ~40 km a day will feel.

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