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August 11, 2009

Don't forget your Brain!

Sometimes I need to get somewhere.
There's no time to think
Just act, just hit the gas
Although my body may arrive
My mind is often left behind.

Does that ever happen to you?

It's not easy traveling fast.
In fact its even hard to react

cause my brain
needs time
to adapt
to the place
that I've arrived at.

When I travel the countryside
I often have to drive
but if I can I prefer to ride.
Pedaling a bike may seem slow
but at least
It allows my brain to keep pace.
Or maybe it's just the fresh air
And sun on my face.

Last weekend I needed to get back to Saint John after a night in Corn Hill. It was hard leaving the idyllic countryside. My parent's vegetable garden was overflowing, the pond was refreshing, the fields were buzzing, and our dog would have loved a good walk. I could have found a drive to Saint John but where would that have left me? A Zombie, halfway between the country and the city. Instead I chose to bicycle. It was still hard to leave Corn Hill and I was anxious about forgetting my bike pump in the city, but as the miles rolled by I started looking forward to the city. I left in the middle of the afternoon and five hours later I arrived in Saint John with a smile on my face. The key is that I actively arrived, ready to engage in my new surroundings and appreciate the city's brisk bay of fundy air. I was excited to cook supper, catch up on some reading, and call friends about rock climbing the next day. Had I drove, the four hours I could have saved would likely have been widdled away as a zombie. Besides, the bike ride was really fun. Because I was biking instead of driving I got to chat with a young guy that was working in his field of organic hops in Corn Hill. I followed the old transcanada along the Kennebecasis, passing through Hampton, then entering Saint John via Rothesay Avenue. Maybe my brain is slow. But I don't think I'm the only one. So how about we try to give our brains a break once in a while. Walk or ride your bike and give yourself some time to actually arrive.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. I am inspired.