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July 21, 2009

Fundy Trek Bday Challenge Update

The Trek starts in 4 days. I can't wait. I want to start now. And as I lay out my hiking schedule I am already feeling bummed that it'll be ending just a few days after I start.

Last night I sat at my kitchen table going over my itinerary once again, thinking about food, building my To Do list, and phoning trip partners. It felt like a night of mundane tasks but all important anyway. I waxed my hiking boots and waterproofed my raincoat.

The Good News from last night is that my friend Paul, a photographer, (http://paulmaybee.wordpress.com/) might be joining me from Saturday to Friday, finishing at Walton Glen so that he can meet up with family that is coming to visit him. We had a great experience hiking Turtle Mountain together this spring and I look forward to spending some more time on the trail with him. Plus he's an excellent photographer.

I plan to Start Saturday in Riverview and finish Friday night at the Big Salmon River.

So Far this is what the itinerary looks like:

Saturday (July 25th) Dobson Trail - Riverview to Campsite past Hayward Pinnacle.
Sunday, Dobson Trail/Fundy Park - Into Alma, or camp just before Alma.
Monday, Fundy Park - Pick up my backpacking equipment in Alma, Hike to Pt. Wolfe
Tuesday, Fundy Footpath - Pt. Wolfe to Martin Head/Quiddy River
Wednesday, Fundy Footpath - Martin Head/Quiddy River to Little Salmon River
Thursday, Walton Glen Canyon - Explore the Walton Glen Canyon. Camp at Little Salmon.
Friday, Fundy Footpath - Little Salmon River to Big Salmon River.

I look forward to having the wilderness amplify my inner dialogue and the opportunity to capture this in writing and drawings.

Getting ready for the Fundy Trek reminds me of a hike I did around the same time last summer. While visiting friends in Waterton National Park I had the opportunity to solo-hike the Tamarack Trail in two days. It was an amazing trail up and down the gravelly red mountains in a dry smokey heat. Forest fires burned across the border in Montana and snow lingered in the mountains.

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Anonymous said...

I'd imagine this trek will be a fun trek Graham. Enjoy it my friend.

Peter said...

I wish I could join you Graham! Have fun, stay safe. And we have to start climbing when I get back! :P