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December 3, 2010

Rural Cycling Toolkit: Lessons Learned from Corn Hill

Cyclists on the first ride of the Festival
It's that time of year; the ground is muddy, the roads are icy and yet you've got to start thinking about planning your bicycle event for next summer.

So you want to promote cycling in our rural community. You’ve got a long list of reasons why you think its important but chances are you’ve got an even longer list of questions…What about liability? What about Registration? Websites? Where do you start?? Aghhhh!!

Hopefully this will make it a bit easier for you.

Organizing the Corn Hill Bicycle Festival and creating the Cycling Map, was a huge learning experience for both Joanna and I. We’ve written everything down (well, not everything) in the Rural Cycling Toolkit: Lessons Learned from the First Corn Hill Bycycle Festival and Route Guide.

The toolkit describes how we managed the project, advertised, organized volunteers, scheduled the festival, created the route guide,  handled liability, and much more! You’ll find useful tips, planning techniques, and even press releases. We’re trying to lay it all out there for others who want to promote cycling through community events.

It is our hope that by sharing this information cycling festivals and  maps will spring up across the land. And that we’ll have more people riding their bike for fun, exercise, and transportation.

Make sure to check out the Bicycle Corn Hill website - where you can find the Rural cycling toolkit, cycling maps for the area, details on last summer's festival and directions to Corn Hill.
Riders on the afternoon tour of the Eastern Meadow
Cruising down the Burlock Road on a summer's evening
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