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November 10, 2010

Isn't the Bluff Great??

Can you spot the two people?
The Bluff has got to be one of the best hikes around Sussex and Southern New Brunswick. 

A couple weeks ago, when the leaves were still on the trees, I went for a quick hike on the Bluff. For those who don't live around Sussex, the Bluff is a super popular and beautiful hiking trail that follows the ridge of a big rock bluff on the edge of Sussex Corner. You're looking out farms like they are diaramas and in the distance you can clearly make out Poley Mountain.

Just ask anyone in Sussex or Sussex Corner how to get to the Bluff. Everyone seems to know about it!

Looking into the Fundy Highlands. Near the center of the photo you can make out the trails of Poley Mountain. Waterford is nestled into the valley to the left of Poley Mountain.

This gives a good perspective of the bluff - see the two people sitting on the rock?

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