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September 11, 2010

Friar's Nose in the Fog

Looking over the Parlee Brook Valley from Friar's Nose [CLICK TO VIEW FULL SIZE]

Eddies of fog
 This morning I hiked up to Friar's Nose. Walking as fast as my legs and lungs could muster. I reached the top within half an hour, breathing heavy and sweating in the cool wet air. The wind whipped across the barren summit and fog tumbled across the valley, eddies spinning in the lee side of the ridges.

I put on a sweater and breathed in the refreshing air, looking for familiar landforms across the forested bowl. I come here a couple times a year and yet every time it seems that new ridges and valleys catch my eye. In the winter I search the valleys for blue smears of ice and in the fall I notice the vibrant hardwood stands. Today, the endless sea of green gives the impression that I'm standing on the edge of a vast wilderness.

Fog is a powerful thing. In a way its like the salt on your food, enriching whatever it touches and bringing out subtle details. The dreariest weather can produce the most moving landscapes. And on foggy days like today go to one of your favourite places and see it from a new perspective.

 After running all the way down from the top of the Friar's Nose I was hot and sweaty. That's when I noticed a sweet little pool under the bridge. I can never resist cool moving water (no matter how shallow it is). It was refreshing and a perfect way to end a hike. 

I love dunking myself in cold swift water.
Directions to Friar's Nose.
The Friar's Nose is located outside of Sussex, NB on the edge of the Fundy Highlands. You can find direction in my post from 2008.
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