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August 26, 2010

Sea kayaking on the Bay of Fundy

 Sea kayaking with Fresh Air Adventure

If you asked me a year ago if I would ever try sea kayaking, I would have said "no thanks I'm not that interested in the ocean." And that's always bugged me since I grew up and live in an ocean province. When I was younger I didn't like seafood or deep water. Rivers, lakes, beaches, no problem but the ocean terrified me.

However in the past year, my attitude to water has changed rapidly. I think I can owe this to living next to the Bay of Fundy in Saint John. Everyday I saw the ocean from my back deck, I walked past fish in the city market, and saw how people loved the ocean. I took swimming classes and once the spring came was jumping in every pond I could find. My hunger for the ocean steadily grew.

In August this year I did what I thought I'd never do - I tried sea kayaking. To my surprise I loved it. Three friends and I booked a half day outing with Fresh Air Adventure based in Alma. Three enthusiastic and experienced guides, outfitted us with gear, and gave us quick lesson before hitting the water.

We paddled under the Alma bridge and out into the open waters. At first I was nervous as the light ocean swell gently lifted my kayak. The kayak was very stable and soon I was comfortable paddling through the light mist. Our group of 12 boats paddled past Herring Cove and explored the rock formations along the coast. Fog bumped into the highlands and settled along the coast. Rainy days are beautiful on this foggy coast.
Our guides directed us to a beach where they laid out snacks, including the famous Alma Sticky Buns. The highlight of the trip for me was the short lesson the gave on the tides. We all know that the Bay of Fundy has high tides, but until then I couldn't quite understand the multitude of factors that created them. Apparently a "spring" tides isn't what happens in the spring time.

As we paddled back to Alma I was already started to figure out how I could afford to buy a kayak and trips started forming in my mind. I've done a lot of backpacking, but for long trips, traveling on water seems like the way to go. The water carries the weight, so you can bring the an extra bottle of wine and steak without breaking your back.

So, you should try it. Sea kayaking is not as scary as you might think, plus it can open a world of outdoor opportunities in New Brunswick.

Fresh Air Adventure - Guides based in Alma, next to Fundy National Park

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