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May 12, 2010

The Hidden Fundy Coast

Oh the Fundy Coast. You gotta love its hidden coves and secret beaches. 

A couple weekends ago I was invited to go camping and hiking at this beach in the St. Martins area. I had never heard of the beach, so I was surprised to arrive in such an astounding place.  The beach is big in every dimension - its width, its length and even the size of the pebbles. Dark sea cliffs tower above the cove and I expected to see three masted ships anchored off shore. It's wild and feels like a foreign country. 

On our hike to the headland we followed sea cliffs through an open grassland that was blooming with wildflowers. We passed an old stone fence that may have once held sheep along the windy cliff's edge. From the Headland we could clearly see Cape Spencer  in the West near Saint John as well Cape Chignecto across the bay in the east. Isle Haute hovered in a bay- mysterious as always.

I'm starting to notice a trend around the Bay of Fundy. The best places are not in Parks but are known by locals and chances are you've never heard of them before.  I'd love to tell you where to find some of them but I think that's best kept between friends and locals. So I'll leave this place unnamed.

The Headland. 

This little beach has no escape at high tide.

Grassland on the headland. Very similar to the meadow at the tip of 
Cape Split in Nova Scotia. I would like to ask a ecologist about how this came to be. Grassland in New Brunswick...that's unheard of.

Peering over the edge of the cliff.

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Anonymous said...

Spill the name please!! At least send it to me covertly so that I (a local) can enjoy?
Great photos and am incredibly jealous!


Jeremie Landry said...

It would appear you have information to trade my freind :)

I would love to know about these hidden beaches.