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April 23, 2010

Back on the Bicycle

 Blue Skies in April mean one thing. The April High. Most springs a high pressure system rolls into the North East and teases us with a taste of summer. For most it will mean the first sun burn of the year and the first beers on the back deck. For me it meant getting back on my bicycle.

A couple days ago I got back from my climbing road trip in the Eastern US. In many ways it was a great trip - I met so many wonderful people and I climbed day after day at some of the East's best crags. But I was on the road for five weeks and I drove about 6000 km. So much driving. Heading north on the interstate near New York, in heavy traffic all I wanted was some fresh air and a chance to stretch my legs. That's when I started craving my bicycle.

So since I got home all I could think about was parking my truck and riding my bike. Thanks to the April High Pressure system I was able to get back on my bike right away. My chance came on Tuesday evening when I had plans to visit a friend in Sussex. I left my truck at home and rode into town that the evening.
The ride along Route 890 has awesome views, fun hills, and low traffic. But what I find coolest about the ride is this feeling of being funneled down a giant river valley towards Sussex. It's about a 30 km ride which took me about an hour and a half, although it actually feels much shorter. Once you get into the rhythm of pedaling time just slips away.

Mount Pisgah

Loving life

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Peter said...

Graham, great to see you back on your bike. It's a beautiful time of the year to be in NB. Looking forward to getting some long rides with you this summer.