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March 12, 2010

Loch Alva Wilderness Trip

Loch Alva Wilderness Winter Trip

February 14th to 19th, 2010
6 Days on Snowshoes with Paul Maybee

Pulling sleds, sleeping in a tent, and living the good life. 

I learnt two important things on this trip:

1. Winter camping can be very comfortable and is more rewarding than summer camping. 
2. The Loch Alva Wilderness is unbelievably wild and gorgeous.

I encourage you to visit Paul's Blog for a fantastic photo-essay of our trip. I think he really captured the spirit of our time in the woods.  Just follow the link below.

Day 1. Starting from the Highway near Westfield. 

Day 1. Pulling sleds on skidoo trails to Turtle Mountain.

Day 2. A day of exploring around Turtle Mountain. Here, Paul is bracing himself against the wind atop Turtle Mountain. 

Day 2. A new watersource is discovered! We collected a couple liters from the tart throughout the day.

Day 3. Dawn from the top of Turtle Mountain. 

Turtle Mountain's Rocky Summit. 

Day 3. Paul pulling a sled on Turtle Lake, Turtle Mountain in the Distance.

Day 3. Paul crossing Turtle Lake with ideal weather and snow conditions, Turtle Mountain in the Distance. 

 Day 3. Paul with Turtle Mountain in the distance. Notice the blue sky and sunglasses. Brilliant weather for traveling.

Day 4. Morning at our camp near Rocky Lakes. 

Day 4. Exploring the barrens around Rocky Lake.

Day 4. Black Spruce stab through the ground like Narwhales Tusks.

Day 5. Onward! Leaving Rocky Lakes after two days.  Paul with his trusty sled in tow. 
Day 5. On the big lake - Loch Alva.  Heading towards Green Ridge which is visible in the distance. 
Day 6. Admiring the old spruce on Green Ridge. 

Day 6. Leaving Green Ridge on our final day's travel to Musquash.

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