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December 7, 2009

Corn Hill Country Walking

A Saturday afternoon walk in the countryside with my dad. We traveled through backfields from Corn Hill to Knightville. Bautiful wide open fields with gushing creeks. When we hit the Rouse Road we followed it to the Knightville Road, crossed the pavement and followed the NB Snowmobile trail into a steep little hollow. At this point the snow flakes started to flow more heavily and the day drew to an end. We climbed the steep hill out of the hollow and gained a view over the increasingly dark landscape. In the distance we could see  yardlights flickering in Corn Hill. A perfect way to wrap up a walk. Now its time to go home, put on dry socks, and warm up with some soup.
This might be the last walk of the season. Hopefully this weekend's snow sticks around and I'll be out cross country skiing next time.

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Michelle said...

Nice! You got that walk in before the snow hit. Sundaym, we did a walk down by the Wind turbines on Prosser Brook. Then across the road, on the Dobson, to the "look out". Fresh, heavy snow and no one but us. Looks like someone set up camp Saturday night just off the road (4 tent spaces flattened out). They woke up to a winter wonderland!