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December 9, 2008

Pow' Days In November

Woke up this morning to P p p Powder! How is this possible it's only late November! I wolf down some breakfast, listen to CBC Radio's "Go", and dig around for my skis and boots which haven't been used since last March. The snow is falling fast and light. I decide to take over the snowy roads and head directly to a steep valley I know well from tobagganing.

Spending the last 4 months out West I heard talk upon talk of their premium white gold. BC'ers are addicted to their Powder. But from what I can tell I'm getting to enjoy the snow before they do this Season.

The snow is billowing around my knees as I cut through a big field on my way to the valley. It's a funny consistancy- weightless yet thick enough to keep me off the ground. I reach the trees and am suddenly in a twirling vortex of snow flakes. The blanketed spruce trees sag under the weight of snow.

I reach the valley from the top, look down at the creek, and let out a yell that echoes back at me. Hills always look steeper from the top. Which leads me to thinking "Should I go down this?" I laugh, thinking " Yes! If it's steep enough to make me think twice - then that's why I'm here!" Cross country skis are perfect for this landscape, light and fast for going miles plus 'exciting' on hills.

I kick off and immediatly start picking up uncontrollable speed on my old wooden skis. Careening through tufts of last summer's grass and hidden bumps I somehow to make it to the bottom. My heads buzzing and I'm laughing while my echo Woops around the steep valley.

I ride the hill two more times. Savouring the how the white rush in my head is so similar to the endless white hum of the falling snow. I can't believe I'm the only one out here. But I guess with so many hidden valleys and wooded hills to explore what are the chances of crossing paths?

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